Who We Are

Who We Are

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I have been a native of the Washington DC Metro area for more than 25 years. With over 12 years in the computer field! My computer expertise, as an onsite technician and a small business owner with A+ Network+ Security + and Mac. We’ve been named The BEST Geek in the DC Metro area in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014!

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  • Micro Geek saved the day when I had to have a home office set up in 24 hours! Azad is such a talented professional and expert in installing some of the complex office and software applications--hands down--and will go above and beyond. I would recommend Micro Geek to anyone most importantly because they operate off of integrity, quality and great efficiency. This is what is needed in a fast moving tech world. You will definitely enjoy the friendly service and reasonable prices with The Micro Geek.

    Gabrielle E.